Vinsanto del Chianti


Typical product of Tuscan farms. Sweet wine enjoyed as an after- dinner drink.

Wine: Vin Santo del Chianti D.O.C.
Area of production: land in the municipality of Poggibonsi (Siena)
Vineyard: our vineyard properties with the best exposure to the sun called “Vigna sotto casa”, “Capannino nuovo”, “Vigna dei pini”. These are the most ancient vineyards that we preserve with love and passion.
Vines: Trebbiano del Chianti 70%, Malvasia del Chianti 30%.
Density: 3.300 vines for hectare.
Cultivation system: Guyot with grassing.
Soil: soil of Pliocene, yellows sands with small rocks.
Altitude: 230 m. over the sea level.
Microclimate: winter temperatures between -5°C and 9°C. Average spring rainfalls and hot summers.
Wine production for hectare: 35 Hl.
Vinification: we collect only the best selected grapes after 15th of September. The grapes are places on the “cannicci” in rooms devoted to drying. After three months (Christmas time), when the sugar concentration is around 290 grams per liter, the grapes are soft pressed and the liquid passes in little barrels for the alcoholic fermentation. After minimum 5 years of aging, Vinsanto is ready for the bottling.

Colour: amber.
Fragrance: very characteristics, intense, hints of acacia honey. Aromas of dried fruit, tea and vanilla.
Taste: full- bodied, soft and harmonic and thoroughly unique taste.
Alcohol: 17% Vol. 2% of sugar.
Service temperature: 18°C, served in large crystal glasses.
Combinations: typical dry pastries, (ricciarelli, cantuccini, crostate con marmellate), dry cheese with honey drop.

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