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The Farm of Montemorli, known and appreciated for the production of its class wines, is located in the municipality of Poggibonsi in one of the most picturesque and advanced hilly areas of the Siene area of “Chianti Colli Senesi” wine production.
Its territories, consisting almost exclusively of yellow sands of the Pliocene and located on completely sunny and well exposed hills, are particularly suitable for the good cultivation of the vine. For these reasons, the Montemorli farm has for decades been oriented towards the intensification of vine growing, so much so that today it represents one of the most admired examples for the rational plant and the perfect cultivation of its plants in the province of Siena.

An accurate selection of the grapes and constant controls on musts and wines, produced through the most modern oenological techniques, is a guarantee of high quality. The wine production of the Montemorli farm, renowned in Italy and on foreign markets, is naturally available in the company along with other typical products of local agriculture.

Giorgio, Fiorella, Carlo, Vittorio e Guido

Our family

The Conforti family, for 7 generations, lives and works in Montemorli.
Today the management is in the hands of the father Giorgio, of the wife Fiorella and of the three sons Carlo, Vittorio and Guido, each with specific duties, which take care of the whole business management. The family personally follows the entire production process, from the cultivation of the grapes, to the vinification, bottling and sale.
This is a small reality, focused on the exaltation of the quality of the product, obtained respecting the ancient family traditions handed down from father to son with particular attention to new technologies.

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